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Intimate Healing Workshop: Healing Triggers

This intimate trauma-sensitive workshop in Ridgefield, CT is for anyone ready to take the next step in healing their triggers, strengthening their boundaries and developing their ability to respond to difficult situations from a place of power and grace.

Triggers bring our attention to places that trauma has left a hole we need to make WHOLE. When the hole is open, it can feel like a vortex of pain and fear that certain situations, conversations or events send you spiraling into, uncertain if you will ever come out again. Triggers send us straight into a “trauma reality” where we relive the pain of the original trauma or event, whether what’s happening in actual reality is a reflection of that or not. Not only that, but we often unconsciously seek and are attracted to dynamics that keep this cycle going on a feedback loop.

Lizzy is a trained Master’s level Social Worker, intuitive teacher and healer with years of experience working with individuals and systems with complex trauma. Lizzy will guide the group through dialogue, breathwork, shamanic healing activities and ceremony designed to support your deep healing and bring you greater wholeness.

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