Message from the Daffodils



Don’t be afraid to shine in all your glory. We are proud to pop up early in spring because we like to be first on the scene and dazzle your senses with our vibrant colors and delightful aroma after a long winter. Take a lesson from us and don’t be afraid to show up and show off. We are each born with unique gifts and talents and they are complementary and essential to the wellbeing of this planet and all beings. Celebrate your gifts and wear them with pride. Don’t hide yourself! Shine as you were meant to.

Our Latin name narcissus is apt because we love to look at ourselves and admire our beauty. We are not vain, we just enjoy who we are and derive great pleasure simply from being exactly as we are meant to be.

On cloudy days when there’s no sun we turn to face each other to charge up. We carry within us the spark of life, of God, as do each one of you.

We the daffodils are happy to inspire you to shine bright. Connect to us to activate your solar plexus chakra and connect you to your inner sun/light. We are happy to assist anyone who needs a boost of self-confidence, a ray of hope, a little sunshine on a cloudy day, or a long look at yourself in the mirror where you fully love yourself inside and out. 🌼It is my honor to share the medicine I received from the daffodils on my walk today with all of you.