Fear, Triggers and Boundaries

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“Where your fear is, there is your task” -CG Jung

I’ve read a lot online about people setting boundaries to avoid triggers and building walls to protect themselves from the creepy, dark stuff that scares them. I tried it myself... cutting out people, not looking back, and rearranging my life in ways that kept me safe but ultimately kept me stuck.

I’m not saying we need to allow ourselves to stay with people or in places where we feel hurt. It’s healthy to take space from people, places and things to feel empowered, build skills, heal/love parts of oneself, and disengage from narratives and feelings driven by past experiences or traumas. As we do that, we will likely find that our relationships and our lives shift naturally because we are healing our boundaries and becoming more whole.

Triggers are teachers because they show us where the love is leaking out and task us to engage with ourselves in ways that restore us to wholeness. Next time something triggers you, instead of closing down, how can you see that trigger as a a teacher that’s guiding you to greater self-mastery?

Artist: unknown, reposted from Sacred Dreams Facebook page