Spring Equinox Prayer, Vision, and Invitation for Ceremony


On this day when the sun rises due east and sets due west we connect with the natural rhythm and balance of nature and honor our ancestors whose traditions centered around these cosmic events. We stand on land that was sacred to the Native people who inhabited Norwalk, CT (location of pictures) before the colonization of this area. We honor the ancestors of this land and earth and are guided by their spirits as the current human guardians of this place.

As I watched the moon set and the sun rise, I saw the vision of a time when we know in our hearts and our beings that everything is love — both the light and the dark, the good and the bad, the suffering and the joy — it all comes from and serves the higher purpose of remembering ourselves as channels of love.

I saw that this coming season brings with it an increased ability for us all to engage with our karma and struggles from a place of witnessing and objectivity that gives way to release and transmutation as opposed to painful suffering and repetition.

If you feel moved, join me in ceremony at sunset from wherever you are or join me at Veteran’s Park in Norwalk to call in balance and alignment, recalibrate your energy and magnetic field, and connect to the highest vibrational timelines for the earth and for you.

Blessings of balance, Lizzy