New Moon Activity

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In honor of today’s new moon in Gemini, here’s an activity you can do in your journal, mind or here in the comments.

Affirm something positive about yourself. Say I AM _________. What is something you love about yourself or are working to love? Who are you when you are being your best self or what is a positive quality that you want to celebrate now? Ground yourself in your affirmation as you move through this activity.

What can you allow to move or shift in your life? This may be something you can let go of, like an old belief or story, or it may be something you need to allow in or give yourself permission to do. Maybe it’s allowing yourself to experience unbridled joy on a daily basis over all else or maybe it’s allowing yourself to grieve something you’ve been resisting. Maybe you allow yourself to enter a new relationship, take a new job, pick up a hobby or take a trip. Whatever movement you ALLOW, invite it from a place of being grounded in your affirmation.

What are you doing and what does your life look like when you are taking action grounded in your affirmation? Visualize yourself, free from the bounds of your daily life, walking through the world as your very best self. What are you doing in your visualization? How do you feel? Be specific.

Consider what steps, actions, movements you can take and make to align yourself with this positive self and world image.

What dreams live in your heart that you want to bring to fruition?I