Loving My Past Selves


I returned to Burlington, VT this weekend where I lived for several years, earned both my bachelor’s and graduate degrees, lead justice initiatives in the community, and navigated an intensely beautiful and difficult chapter of my life.

I visited some spots that brought me solace in those years and found myself face to face with many of the insecurities that haunted me in my Burlington past.

Sometimes the universe brings you back somewhere so you can remember and heal. On this trip I remembered the feelings of failure and ugliness I often felt at that time in my life. I remembered the part of me that I buried like a shameful secret. I remembered things I did out of desperation for love. I remembered the chronic feelings of worthlessness that lived in so many of my moments there.

Spirit illuminated these insecurities and memories so I could love them unconditionally and release the personal stories and timelines where that version of me continues to exist.

Today I’m breathing life into and weaving stories of empowerment, confidence, beauty, service to the Highest Healing Good, and unconditional Love.