Tune Your Heart to the Frequency of Love

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~A Meditation~

☀️ How are you feeling today? Have you checked in with your body recently? Take a moment to breathe, feel your feet on the ground and notice your body. Are there any particular sensations? Any tightness? Heaviness?

☀️Take a couple of deep breaths and direct them to the places in your body that are communicating with you.

☀️Imagine a pure, white light entering your body and filling it up, spiraling around your cells, your DNA, your organs, entering your bones, and illuminating your blood. This light is pure, unconditional love. It is God. As it fills you up, anything that no longer serves your highest, healing good is sent down into the earth.

☀️Put your hand on your heart and conjure up the feeling of deep gratitude. If it helps, remember the last time you felt thankful for something. Bring that feeling of gratitude into the present moment and into your heart.

☀️Imagine your heart is a radio dial that you can tune to the frequency of gratitude and love. Leave your heart on the gratitude station for the day and see how it goes. Make a point of checking back in today to revisit this intention and reset the dial, if need be.

☀️Have a great day

❤️ Lizzy