2018 Lessons


Here’s the one moment on New Year’s Eve I wasn’t weeping from my heart being so full of gratitude for what 2018 has gifted me. Beyond the immeasurable joy and growth of motherhood and marriage, 2018 was full of lessons that spanned, often times violently, the spectrum of emotion and experience that one can have.

One of the most profound lessons has been learning how to emerge from years of identifying as a victim.... a victim of oppressive systems, a victim of abuse, a victim to my extreme emotions and sensitivities, and a victim to life circumstance in general.

The beginning of 2018 I hit rock bottom in terms of feeling like a victim to my life and I was forced to realize how I was actually creating that reality for myself. Just to be clear, I’m by no means saying that victims of harm are responsible for what they experience, however, transcending a victim state/relationship to life IS possible and here are some some of the ways its possible:

🗝Recognize the repetitive thought patterns and programming that keep you suffering.

🗝 Embrace your power as a human being and spiritual being to program

🗝Program your brain and control your energy through practices such as grounding and clearing yourself, energy medicine, meditation, mantras, reiki, breathing, and other healing modalities

🗝 Remember that you and all of us are channels of unconditional love and alloe that pure energy to flow through you as we all can

🗝 Remember that your sensations/emotions become complicated emotional situations when you let your thoughts contort and dam them up instead of simply letting the energy MOVE through you (E-motions = energy in motion)

🗝 Take things with soda (something I learned from my Argentinian husband) which means just not taking things so damn seriously ... especially the sinewy, dark stuff all you can do is have a good laugh about

This year I will be sharing more through my mailing list and launching an online program sharing tools that support others to embody their inner healer .

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Best wishes to all and Happy New Year! Let’s bring heaven to earth in 2019.