Fear, Triggers and Boundaries

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“Where your fear is, there is your task” -CG Jung

I’ve read a lot online about people setting boundaries to avoid triggers and building walls to protect themselves from the creepy, dark stuff that scares them. I tried it myself... cutting out people, not looking back, and rearranging my life in ways that kept me safe but ultimately kept me stuck.

I’m not saying we need to allow ourselves to stay with people or in places where we feel hurt. It’s healthy to take space from people, places and things to feel empowered, build skills, heal/love parts of oneself, and disengage from narratives and feelings driven by past experiences or traumas. As we do that, we will likely find that our relationships and our lives shift naturally because we are healing our boundaries and becoming more whole.

Triggers are teachers because they show us where the love is leaking out and task us to engage with ourselves in ways that restore us to wholeness. Next time something triggers you, instead of closing down, how can you see that trigger as a a teacher that’s guiding you to greater self-mastery?

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On Shining My Light


SHINING MY LIGHT is scary and vulnerable. When I show up at my brightest, I run the risk of rejection, someone not liking my truest self. That means I have to be CONFIDENT enough in my light to not let someone else’s feelings change the way I feel about myself.

To me, being grounded in who I am and my worth and power is primary. If, in any given moment, I am disconnected from the knowing that I am enough, I give my power away to others.

What does it mean to be enough? It means I have everything I need within me and my connection to the universe. God is unconditional love. I AM a channel of unconditional love connected to ALL. I AM a unique and shiny bright star here to share my gifts and my light and inspire others to do the same.

What about you? 💫

Growing Pains

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Growing Pains #rawselfieseries ... Today I’m feeling like a freshly cracked seed struggling to find comfort in new soil. How will I ever find my way thru the darkness to the light? Before I was just a seed. I was potent with life, but I was safe. Now I am exposed and vulnerable. I’m growing and morphing and expanding whether I like it or not. Everything is new and different. All I can do is trust the process and remember my destiny: to be a flower.

I share this because it’s real. Being on a healing path can be brutal. Growing can be painful. Excruciating. 
Here are some tips that help me when I am going through it:


Say YES to how you’re feeling and accept it without judgment

Let it be and let it flow THROUGH you

Trust the process

Don’t identify with what you’re feeling

Cultivate compassion for your tender state knowing that it’s exactly what makes you strong enough to bloom.

In solidarity, 

Message from the Daffodils



Don’t be afraid to shine in all your glory. We are proud to pop up early in spring because we like to be first on the scene and dazzle your senses with our vibrant colors and delightful aroma after a long winter. Take a lesson from us and don’t be afraid to show up and show off. We are each born with unique gifts and talents and they are complementary and essential to the wellbeing of this planet and all beings. Celebrate your gifts and wear them with pride. Don’t hide yourself! Shine as you were meant to.

Our Latin name narcissus is apt because we love to look at ourselves and admire our beauty. We are not vain, we just enjoy who we are and derive great pleasure simply from being exactly as we are meant to be.

On cloudy days when there’s no sun we turn to face each other to charge up. We carry within us the spark of life, of God, as do each one of you.

We the daffodils are happy to inspire you to shine bright. Connect to us to activate your solar plexus chakra and connect you to your inner sun/light. We are happy to assist anyone who needs a boost of self-confidence, a ray of hope, a little sunshine on a cloudy day, or a long look at yourself in the mirror where you fully love yourself inside and out. 🌼It is my honor to share the medicine I received from the daffodils on my walk today with all of you.

Spring Equinox Prayer, Vision, and Invitation for Ceremony


On this day when the sun rises due east and sets due west we connect with the natural rhythm and balance of nature and honor our ancestors whose traditions centered around these cosmic events. We stand on land that was sacred to the Native people who inhabited Norwalk, CT (location of pictures) before the colonization of this area. We honor the ancestors of this land and earth and are guided by their spirits as the current human guardians of this place.

As I watched the moon set and the sun rise, I saw the vision of a time when we know in our hearts and our beings that everything is love — both the light and the dark, the good and the bad, the suffering and the joy — it all comes from and serves the higher purpose of remembering ourselves as channels of love.

I saw that this coming season brings with it an increased ability for us all to engage with our karma and struggles from a place of witnessing and objectivity that gives way to release and transmutation as opposed to painful suffering and repetition.

If you feel moved, join me in ceremony at sunset from wherever you are or join me at Veteran’s Park in Norwalk to call in balance and alignment, recalibrate your energy and magnetic field, and connect to the highest vibrational timelines for the earth and for you.

Blessings of balance, Lizzy

Motherhood Unplugged

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A photo of my daughter right before she locked herself in the car. Luckily we were home and there was a spare key 😬

I love the way this little girl looks at the world with wonder, or even just the inside of a car 🤷‍♀️ makes me stop and think and tune into my senses and consider the way things work in moments I bypassed before

With that said, I wanna get super real and say that while motherhood is full of magic moments and presence with these tiny wonders we call our children, sometimes after what feels like the millionth minute of playing inside the car or reading the same book or changing a diaper or prepping and serving food, I want to rip my hair out.

Even though I am blessed to be raising my daughter with a partner and a devoted grandmother (love u @keekct), motherhood can be isolating and crazy-making and bring out such a wild range of emotions from one moment to the next.

Shout out to all the other moms, especially the ones who were sick of hanging out with their kids today. Guess what ... it’s normal.

Mamas, take time to interact with YOUR world and your own interests with awe and wonder the same way your kids do. ITS essential. The best advice anyone gave me before I became a mom was to never stop doing the things I love (@shaina_lynne). On the days when you just can’t anymore, it’s probably because it’s time to enlist the support of the village. Call a friend, family member, splurge for a sitter, or ::GASP:: turn on the TV on for a little so you can take time to nurture your independent endeavors. NOW is the time for epic self-care plans, creative projects, or quality time with other ADULTS.

If you are a parent reading this and you need support, send me a DM and let’s chat or you can check out my friend Lizzie’s (@_themamacollective_ ) budding community of moms who are working together to feel like themselves again. Tap into your community!

2018 Lessons


Here’s the one moment on New Year’s Eve I wasn’t weeping from my heart being so full of gratitude for what 2018 has gifted me. Beyond the immeasurable joy and growth of motherhood and marriage, 2018 was full of lessons that spanned, often times violently, the spectrum of emotion and experience that one can have.

One of the most profound lessons has been learning how to emerge from years of identifying as a victim.... a victim of oppressive systems, a victim of abuse, a victim to my extreme emotions and sensitivities, and a victim to life circumstance in general.

The beginning of 2018 I hit rock bottom in terms of feeling like a victim to my life and I was forced to realize how I was actually creating that reality for myself. Just to be clear, I’m by no means saying that victims of harm are responsible for what they experience, however, transcending a victim state/relationship to life IS possible and here are some some of the ways its possible:

🗝Recognize the repetitive thought patterns and programming that keep you suffering.

🗝 Embrace your power as a human being and spiritual being to program

🗝Program your brain and control your energy through practices such as grounding and clearing yourself, energy medicine, meditation, mantras, reiki, breathing, and other healing modalities

🗝 Remember that you and all of us are channels of unconditional love and alloe that pure energy to flow through you as we all can

🗝 Remember that your sensations/emotions become complicated emotional situations when you let your thoughts contort and dam them up instead of simply letting the energy MOVE through you (E-motions = energy in motion)

🗝 Take things with soda (something I learned from my Argentinian husband) which means just not taking things so damn seriously ... especially the sinewy, dark stuff all you can do is have a good laugh about

This year I will be sharing more through my mailing list and launching an online program sharing tools that support others to embody their inner healer .

Leave your email address in the comments if you’d like to learn more and get the info as it drops!

Best wishes to all and Happy New Year! Let’s bring heaven to earth in 2019.

Standing on the Edge

Standing on the edge (literally and figuratively) has never been something I enjoy doing or am comfortable with, but it’s somewhere you will find me often. At the edge of our fears is where the growth can really happen.

Here I am at the edge of a cliff in Ireland, freshly eloped, broke AF, trusting madly in the power of Love, facing my greatest fears, taking risks to bare the most intimate parts of my soul, and feeling love move through me more powerfully than I ever have before. It’s very much intense and beautiful like this wild landscape and fiercely powerful like the wild Atlantic winter wind that penetrates your core no matter how many layers you wear.

This Irish adventure is stripping me down and laying me bare. With nothing to hide there is nothing to lose and only room for love.

When Times Get Tough (Messages from Spirit)

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Feeling called to post today and offer some reassurance that has come to me through Spirit-
If you are feeling like this picture in the last couple days, just TRUST and SURRENDER. You are not alone and you’ve got this. Take the time you need for yourself to allow the process you are in to unfold. Give yourself permission to receive what you need. Know this is not permanent and you are making a choice to step into a new reality.
We are moving through something huge right now, and we will get through. We will emerge lighter and clearer and more aligned and connected to unconditional love.
I love you and I promise you that you are divinely held and protected through this process. Growth can be painful and ugly and can even feel violent as emotions explode out of us that have been trapped inside for ages, but they’re exploding because they are ready to transform. BREATHE. I am right here with you.
If you can find a quiet moment today, feel your feet on the ground and imagine roots running out of them deep down into the earth. Feel the support of earth beneath you. Imagine a pillar of light descending around you, encapsulating you in warmth, love, and support. Imagine the light illuminating you, inside and out, lighting you up like a crystal, and feel your vibration rise. Repeat as needed. I think I’ve done it 5 times already today. Ha!
Love, Lizzy
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Loving My Past Selves


I returned to Burlington, VT this weekend where I lived for several years, earned both my bachelor’s and graduate degrees, lead justice initiatives in the community, and navigated an intensely beautiful and difficult chapter of my life.

I visited some spots that brought me solace in those years and found myself face to face with many of the insecurities that haunted me in my Burlington past.

Sometimes the universe brings you back somewhere so you can remember and heal. On this trip I remembered the feelings of failure and ugliness I often felt at that time in my life. I remembered the part of me that I buried like a shameful secret. I remembered things I did out of desperation for love. I remembered the chronic feelings of worthlessness that lived in so many of my moments there.

Spirit illuminated these insecurities and memories so I could love them unconditionally and release the personal stories and timelines where that version of me continues to exist.

Today I’m breathing life into and weaving stories of empowerment, confidence, beauty, service to the Highest Healing Good, and unconditional Love.


Ancestral Healing in Honor of the Border/Immigration Crisis

Those of us who are so deeply touched by what is happening with immigrant families will all find a similar history repeated in our own ancestry. The separation of immigrant families at the border resonates with something in each of our family souls— a remembrance of an ancestral experience that echoes the stories we are hearing today.

Now is a powerful opportunity for each and every one of us to heal the trauma we carry inside of us from being on both sides of this dynamic- for somewhere in each of our ancestries we’ve been systematically harmed or we’ve been the perpetrators.

As we actively work to heal what is within, we make that healing available to others and begin to see an external manifestation of a world where that healing is anchored.

The last few days, I’ve been thinking about what I can do for the families at the border and the thousands of children who are now separated from their families.

This is what has come to me in my own practice and what I offer to each of you with the intention of the highest, healing good of humanity:


Connect to a feeling of gratitude.
Invite your Divine/Angelic support team whether you know who they are or not.
Pray to heal the traumas as a result of these patterns that exist in our family souls.
Pray that these patterns are brought into the light of God, the light of Unconditional Love. Invite love into your heart and radically love all that has happened as a result of these patterns.
Invite this healing light of God (as you understand God) into your body and imagine the light wrapping itself around these patterns that were tightly woven in your DNA and see the light dissolve the grip of power the pattern had on you.
Feel yourself become a channel of this healing light and embodied healing of this issue and visualize the light traveling through you, from the Divine, to your ancestors, the land, into the grid, and becoming available for all of humanity.
Repeat as needed.
Express gratitude.

~This is a photo from the medicine wheel we created at Veteran’a Park during a prayer circle this past week. We anchored this prayer into the grid and continue to do so.~

Tune Your Heart to the Frequency of Love

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~A Meditation~

☀️ How are you feeling today? Have you checked in with your body recently? Take a moment to breathe, feel your feet on the ground and notice your body. Are there any particular sensations? Any tightness? Heaviness?

☀️Take a couple of deep breaths and direct them to the places in your body that are communicating with you.

☀️Imagine a pure, white light entering your body and filling it up, spiraling around your cells, your DNA, your organs, entering your bones, and illuminating your blood. This light is pure, unconditional love. It is God. As it fills you up, anything that no longer serves your highest, healing good is sent down into the earth.

☀️Put your hand on your heart and conjure up the feeling of deep gratitude. If it helps, remember the last time you felt thankful for something. Bring that feeling of gratitude into the present moment and into your heart.

☀️Imagine your heart is a radio dial that you can tune to the frequency of gratitude and love. Leave your heart on the gratitude station for the day and see how it goes. Make a point of checking back in today to revisit this intention and reset the dial, if need be.

☀️Have a great day

❤️ Lizzy

New Moon Activity

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In honor of today’s new moon in Gemini, here’s an activity you can do in your journal, mind or here in the comments.

Affirm something positive about yourself. Say I AM _________. What is something you love about yourself or are working to love? Who are you when you are being your best self or what is a positive quality that you want to celebrate now? Ground yourself in your affirmation as you move through this activity.

What can you allow to move or shift in your life? This may be something you can let go of, like an old belief or story, or it may be something you need to allow in or give yourself permission to do. Maybe it’s allowing yourself to experience unbridled joy on a daily basis over all else or maybe it’s allowing yourself to grieve something you’ve been resisting. Maybe you allow yourself to enter a new relationship, take a new job, pick up a hobby or take a trip. Whatever movement you ALLOW, invite it from a place of being grounded in your affirmation.

What are you doing and what does your life look like when you are taking action grounded in your affirmation? Visualize yourself, free from the bounds of your daily life, walking through the world as your very best self. What are you doing in your visualization? How do you feel? Be specific.

Consider what steps, actions, movements you can take and make to align yourself with this positive self and world image.

What dreams live in your heart that you want to bring to fruition?I